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I was recently interviewed for HowtoBecome.TV by Jayce Broda, a social entrepreneur in his own right, who aspires to “tell stories of those in the business of change.” It is an honor to be included. I hope you enjoy my very first interview on social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and building a career in the social economy.


Here’s the link to the interview on HowtoBecome.TV: http://howtobecome.tv/2010/11/how-to-become-a-social-entrepreneur-david-parker/

Let’s continue this discussion on Twitter. Follow me at http://twitter.com/davidparker9

As a voracious consumer of podcasts, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest coverage of the world of social innovation.  For other ‘changemakers in the making,’ here are ten essential podcasts on social innovation and social entrepreneurship that I recommend for your enjoyment and education:

1. AshokaTECH Podcast

Host Alex Budak brings you interviews with social entrepreneurs from around the world who are creating change both locally and globally through harnessing the power of technology. http://tech.ashoka.org/podcasts

2. Social Entrepreneurship coverage from Public Radio International

PRI’s Social Entrepreneurship Podcast highlights social entrepreneurs featured in PRI’s portfolio of programs. Social entrepreneurs are society’s change agents and they seek creative, inventive, and sustainable approaches to seemingly intractable issues of our time, such as poverty, climate change, and global health. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/pri/.jukebox?action=viewPodcast&podcastId=14484

3. Sea Change Radio

Sea Change is a US nationally syndicated weekly radio show and podcast covering the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. http://feeds.feedburner.com/SeaChangeMedia

4. Social Innovation Conversations

Educational podcasts for world changers! Social Innovation Conversations brings you social change ideas through audio lectures, panel discussions, audio interviews, and conference recordings. Download educational podcasts on social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, responsible investing, and more. http://feeds.conversationsnetwork.org/channel/siconversations

5. The Social Enterprise Learning Series by Enterprising Non-Profits (enp)

The social enterprise podcast series is produced by enp to help your social enterprise succeed. We have gathered a handful of leading experts to provide practical business information to help you plan and run a successful business! http://www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca/podcasts

6. Big Vision Podcast

Britt Bravo interviews nonprofit workers, social entrepreneurs, green visionaries and social changemakers. Bravo was named the 2007 Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change by the East Bay Express. Interview transcripts are available on her blog, Have Fun Do Goodhttp://bigvisionpodcast.libsyn.com/

7. Be Bold Podcast

A biweekly conversation on creating a career with impact. The show features listener questions answered by social impact career experts. Hosted by Britt Bravo and sponsored by Echoing Green. http://bebold.libsyn.com/

8. The Idealist.org Podcasts

This podcast tells stories of individuals and groups changing their communities in innovative ways to inspire you to do the same as well as interviews with nonprofit professionals about developing your career in the public good.

9. Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp Podcast

Craigslist Foundation believes that strong communities and neighborhoods are the cornerstone of our society. Boot Camp is a unique event focused on helping people learn how to effect a positive impact in their communities and neighborhoods. Over the past few years, we’ve recorded the workshops at Boot Camp and released them as a free podcast series. http://craigslistfoundation.libsyn.com/

10. Peter Day’s World of Business

Insights into the business world with Peter Day; featuring content from his Radio 4 In Business programme, and also Global Business from the BBC World Service. – Many of the topics he covers impact directly on social entrepreneurs who are trying to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/worldbiz

Six Blind Men and an Elephant

I was reflecting on the story about The Blind Men and the Elephant. As the story goes, each man touches one part of the elephant and describes what he thinks an elephant looks like.  The first man touches the leg, and feeling how straight and sturdy the leg is, says “an elephant looks like a tree trunk.”  The second man, feeling the sharp point and hardness of the elephant’s tusk, says “it looks like a spear.”  The third man runs his hands over the elephant’s side, and feeling its towering height and solid build, says “it looks like a wall.”  The fourth man, tugging on the elephant’s tail, says “it looks like a rope.” The fifth man, grappling with the thick squirmy trunk, says “it looks like a snake.” And the sixth man, touching the elephant’s ear, says “it looks like a fan.”  Each of the blind men only “see” reality based on their limited experience.

I started using social media as part of my job search strategy. (Check out 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media by Dan Schwabel for some ideas.) I jumped into Tweeting and Linking-In and Facebooking with gusto, but since, I’ve begun to ask myself “Am I showing people the whole me or just the side of the elephant I want them to see?” Someone who follows me on Twitter sees the side of me that is interested in corporate social responsibility (#CSR).  Or Social Enterprise #SocEnt.  They also see me tweeting about OpenAgile, which is a way of applying agility to environments beyond software development.  And I tweet about the persecution of members of the Baha’i Faith in Iran, which is an injustice that I am very concerned about. Do these tweets paint a whole picture of me?

My LinkedIn profile says that I’m a “Communications and Marketing professional with a passion for Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation”.  This is true. It is also incomplete.  I am also more than a “Sustainability practitioner with an international development education, strong business acumen, and a passion for human rights and the environment. Successfully delivered results in both corporate and non-profit organizations. Experienced in business development, marketing, community relations, and project management. Interested in contributing to the sustainability of organizations that are committed to doing ‘good’ while doing ‘well’.”

I believe it is tempting for people going through a career transition, and who are trying to use social media to network and build their online “brand”, to show others what they think others want to see.

The truth is every one of us is like the elephant in the story. We are all so much more than our online profiles, Twitter feeds, Facebook photos, and blogs. And although we’re not always aware of it, we are whole beings. We are one, and we live one life. True “friends” and “followers” want the real you. Be authentic.

*Note: Thanks to Berteig Consulting for the use of the elephant image and for introducing me to the story in the OpenAgile Primer.

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